Sakatah Lake State Park Review

Following the advice of a friend we decided to stay very close by for out first trip on our RV.  This friend also recommended Sakatah State Park as a family friendly park that his kids enjoyed visiting.

We tried to make our reservation in advance but were able to find only non-electric sites.  Although to be fair, Sakath State Park only has 14 electric site out of about 70 or sites.  So not many available.

Our site was #4 which turned out to be a narrow site to back into but we were able to make it in with no issues.  The site as least was long and provided some nice privacy.  It also included a picnic table and a fire pit ring that was very deep and safe.

IMG_5938 2

Sakath State park has an incredible paved bike trail that runs thru the park and continues for miles.  This would be a great place to come in for a long run if you are training for a marathon.  Or just bring your bike and enjoy the sights.

IMG_9902 2

There is also a trail that runs along the lake (the name escapes me now).  It makes for some great views although it was a bit overgrown and therefore narrow.  We also made sure to check for ticks afterwards just to be safe.

IMG_0347 2

We did not get very lucky in our fishing but the park has a very nice fishing pier and of course a boat launch if you wanted to go in the water to fish or just enjoy.IMG_2991 2

The park office has some programs available.  We tried geocaching but completely flunked the test.  The kids had fun though and that’s all that matters.  We will keep trying at other parks.

I would recommend Sakatah State Park although if you have a big rig drivers beware.  The roads and sites can be narrow and can be hard to navigate or back into.  We did not escape unscathed and scratched our RV with a huge “decorative” rock (like who thought that was a good idea near the dump site?).  You live and learn though and now are making sure to research the parks we will be visiting in advance as much as possible.

Also, after asking at the park office we were told it would be OK.   But after we used our generator for only using for 30 minutes to recharge the batteries we got a visit from the Park Ranger about a noise complain.  Later on we heard other people using their generator too.  So who knows?  Maybe we just turned out to be difficult neighbors.

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