How to Buy Discount RV Furniture

rv furniture discount

Planning an RV remodel but don’t want to spend a fortune? New RV furniture can be expensive online. The furniture itself can be expensive and to that you have to add sometimes prohibitive shipping costs.

During out recent hunt for a dinette booth to replace the table in our RV we scoured the internet for places to get a good deal. Let me share the best places we found that were a source for discounted RV furniture:

  1. Ebay: as usual is a great place to buy stuff.  Here you can find both new and used furniture  pieces sold directly by RV dealers or owners.  But beware, some of these can come with expensive shipping costs.  My advice is to start your search broadly to get a feel for shipping costs.  Then narrow down to items that are available for local pick up near you.
  2. Craigslist:  This is where we got lucky in out search.  We found the dinette booth we installed in our RV on Craigslist.  It came from someone within driving distance.  They were making their RV more wheel chair accessible and their brand new leather booth had to go.  My best piece of advice about getting lucky on Craigslist is to be relentless in your search.  Search extensively and search often and you may just get very lucky.
  3. Facebook Marketplace:  Are you as addicted to Facebook Marketplace as I am.  I find myself browsing their offerings several times a day.  if you haven’t looked in there you are missing out on a new market space that’s giving craigslist serious competition.
  4. RV Forums:  This may be more of a long shot.  But if you are a member of an active RV owners’ forum you may get lucky if you put out word that you are looking for any pieces in particular.  Maybe someone is in the market for an upgrade or needs to reconfigure their RV to fir their needs.

So those are out tips for getting RV furniture at a discount.  Happy Hunting!

From RV Table to Dinette Remodel

newmar table

When we bought out new (to us) RV we knew we would have to update the eating area in it. The original set up was a small table with two tables. This was inconvenient for our family of five. Not only were we short three chairs but also we were short the usual sleeping area that comes with having a RV Dinette booth.

The first thing we did was remove the table and chairs and then we set to shopping for the booth. In y next post I will go over where to shop for RV furniture for less.

Here is Michael installing the new booth chairs. This process involved bolting the seat belts to the floor. Then bolting the benches to the floor.

Our (or Michael’s anyway) job is not done as we still have to attach the table to the area which we hope to do in the next few days. After all we are going on our first trip this Friday.

Welcome to The RV Newbies!

Welcome to The Rv Newbies! We are The Levys! A family of five: Michael, Mercedes, Benjamin (12), Joshua (9) and Tali (7). We just bought an RV to do fun family things and travel around the US.